4 Reasons You Should Think About Refreshing Your Brand Image

Rebranding/refreshing your brand image is something that is inevitable for every business. Eventually your branding will start to look tired and outdated in comparison to your competitors and you have to fight to stay relevant. In this article I will outline for you why it might be a good idea to update your brand identity or at least start to think about updating it.

The Size of your brand is increasing

As we grow up we change. Whether it be your personality, dress-sense or attitude we change, just think about yourself when you were younger compared to who you are now. More than likely you will see a difference and the same can be said for your business. When you first started your business you might have had your logo designed by a friend of a friend who said they would do it fairly cheap as a favour to you and you slowly bolted on other elements of your brand from there. Initially this might have worked for your brand and looked the part, however when your brand grows you will need something that is more professional and custom designed for your business now which is where the expertise of a brand design agency will be needed. A recent example of a brand refreshing their image is Moonpig. Moonpig initially launched in 2000 and hadn’t changed their branding since then. Ian Styles, who was the driving force behind the rebrand states that their goal was to “create a whole new world for Moonpig, one where we imagine that we live life on the moon, where the normal rules don’t apply”, this really shows that as Moonpig is now mature as a business they are using the rebrand to clearly show what their brand is all about now and that they have evolved from what they were when they launched.

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image of Moonpig logo Moonpig licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

A Change in marketing direction

As I just mentioned going through a rebrand can give you the opportunity to redefine who you are as a company, which is ideal if you wish to target a different demographic of consumers.

If you choose to rebrand, the agency that you’re working with will base the design work they do on actual data that they collect through specific research methods. Also your chosen design agency will make sure every element of your brand, from your mission statement to the colours chosen for logos etc.. are all communicating in harmony with each other. Which means that you will have a better chance of connecting with your intended customer group and creating sales. For example if you owned a gin brand that was considered to be in the ‘everyday’ category and you wanted it to move into the ‘premium’ category, you would need a complete rebrand to do this as your existing brand image is already perceived in the customer’s mind as being an ‘everyday’ product and would need to demonstrate certain premium cues and communicate in a different way to change your brand image in the customers mind. Overall If you’re trying to change direction and break into a new area of business then having fresh, unique branding can give you the edge in attracting new business away from your competition.

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image of Chav scally by The Arches licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

image of Emma Watson (Hermione of Harry Potter) in Burberry ad by Dan Perry licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

Keeping up with competitors

Another reason that tags onto the back of the previous one is the need to keep up with your competition. When I say this it doesn’t mean that you should be exactly copying what your competitors do as that would be pointless. What I mean is to make sure that your brand is not seen as beneath your competitors, or lagging behind for whatever reason. For example if your closest competitor in your area of business has packaging that is more appealing to customers or communicates their brand message better than yours does, then it makes sense that you should take a look at your branding and evaluate if it needs to be refreshed in order to compete. Your product’s packaging is one of the first things a consumer will experience when engaging with your product. This can greatly influence the consumer’s’ decision to buy your product or go for a different brand. Although this can heavily rely on the personal preference of the consumer, it makes sense to make sure that your branding and packaging are right. This also extends to the content of advertising that you’re putting out. A rebrand can give you the opportunity to completely overhaul everything about your brand to make sure you are putting out the right message to attract sales.

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Wines from Alsace in a supermarket.by francois  licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic
It’s time

A lot of business actually schedule a rebrand every few years. Business do this due to the reasons I’ve mentioned previously in this article Also it means that there is a regular opportunity to try and gain more sales in times where competition is always increasing.